Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Headphones – Review

For the last four months I have been using the Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones. They have become my go-to activity headphones. I just noticed they are on sale, so I thought I would get the word out with this brief video review. After the video are more details about how these Jaybird Bluetooth headphones work.

Light and Comfortable

The first thing I noticed was that these Bluetooth headphones are lighter than other headphones that I have used. This includes other variations of Jaybirds. They have a more sleek, unobtrusive look and feel than other, chunkier headphones I have used. This means that I can comfortably wear them all day. My only concern is that these headphones are so light that you can forget you are wearing them. I once had them slip right down into my shirt!

Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Headphones - Review. Here's me wearing my Jaybird Tarah headphones
Here’s me wearing my Jaybird Tarah headphones

The second thing that I noticed about these Tarah headphones was the comfort of the ear buds, which fit very snugly too. In the video I said the buds were very soft plastic, but I have since learned that they are really flexible silicone. That explains why they are so comfortable. There is also a cinch system on the cord so you can adjust the headphone cord quickly and easily, to make it shorter or longer.

The wire connecting the two ear buds also seems to stick to my neck less than other wireless headphones. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because when I am only wearing one ear bud (such as when I am cycling or walking near traffic), they don’t ride up as much. (As I demonstrate in the video.) Bad because they are more likely to fall down into my shirt when I just have them draped around my neck, without either ear bud plugged in. However, that is kind of a bad habit I have, so I guess I should just stop doing that!

Set Up and Connectivity of the Jaybird Tarah Headphones

The Jaybird Tarah headphones connected easily to my iPhone with Bluetooth. JayBird recommends using Google Fast Pair to simplify the process. However, I found it really simple to pair them. Also, unlike other Bluetooth headphones I have owned, they can easily pair with multiple devices in an intelligent way. I have them connected to my iPhone and my laptop.

Probably my favorite thing about these headphones is that every time I switch them on, they tell me how much battery life they have, and then they instantly connect, and tell me that they are connected. I have never had to reboot my phone, or switch the headphones on and off, or go to the Bluetooth menu, to force these headphones to pair. Not even once. Believe me, that has happened before in the past, with other headphones.

I use headphones to make life more mellow, not more stressful, and these headphones fit that bill!

Sound Quality of Jaybird Tarah headphones

Sound quality is always subjective. In my opinion the sound quality is excellent, and you can download the Jaybird app to customize the sound settings to your taste. I also found the tone of the voice assistant to be pleasing.

These Jaybird Tarah headphones also switch between phone calls and music without any problem. When a call comes in, I just take it, finish the call, and go straight back to my music!

Battery life on Jaybird Tarah headphones

The battery life on these Jaybird Tarah headphones is excellent. Over five hours on a single charge (JayBird claims that the unit will play for six hours). I rarely let any electronic devices go completely flat, so I cannot confirm the claim. However, I use them on and off all day long, and just charge them overnight. They have never yet run out of battery power on me. Of course, like all premium headphones, the voice assistant will remind you when the battery is running low. Also, every time you switch them on, the voice will tell you how much charge they have in them, rounded off to the nearest 10%.

The Jaybird Tarah headphones are sweatproof and waterproof, but that claim only applies to outdoor sports. I am sure you cannot swim in them, and I don’t know if they would survive a fall into a puddle, but who would test this theory? I am not going to risk it, even in the interests of scientific research! I like these headphones too much to ruin them.

The headphones also charge quickly. In as little as 15 minutes you can charge up for another hour of play. They ship with a neat little dedicated charger, which you clip the headphones into when charging. Usually proprietary chargers annoy me, but this one is kind of neat.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones Review. The Jaybird Tarah headphones ship with a neat little dedicated USB charger, which you clip the headphones into when charging
The Jaybird Tarah headphones ship with a neat little dedicated USB charger, which you clip the headphones into when charging

Bottom Line on Jaybird Tarah headphones

To my mind, the Jaybird Tarah headphones are ideal for someone who wants the convenience of Bluetooth wireless headphones, but does not want something heavy and obstructive draped around their neck. To me they are just as good as the Jaybird X4 and the Bose SoundSport, but they are significantly cheaper.

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