Diffusers for Essential Oils Indoor Negative ion Washing air Purifier, car Formaldehyde Removal Smart air humidifier for…

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※Ultrasonic silent operation: A quiet atmosphere below 36 dB can create a quieter sleeping environment. Purify the sultry air and flu/cold bacteria to infect your loved ones.
※The negative ion aroma diffuser can enter the polluted gas through the air inlet, through the molecular evaporation technology, remove the harmful substances in the air, and then the air-driven device will spray the negative ions and plant essential oil molecules through the air outlet, without smoke and fog, and promote air circulation And people’s physical and mental health
※The negative ion air purifying aromatherapy machine can be used with a variety of pure natural aromatherapy essential oils (washed essential oils/water soluble oils), and the fine mist spreads without damaging the natural components of the essential oils