Keebar Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Premium Humidifying Unit with 3.5L Water Tank, Whisper-Quiet Operation… Price: $29,99 (as of 16/10/2021 09:39 PST- Details)

【Breath Heal Thier Refresh Air】 Keebar high-frequency ultrasound technology humidifiers produces ultrafine mist, purifying the air, release refresh air, you and your family can breathe better air and enjoy a healthier life.
【All Day Use】Run your ultrasonic humidifier for 24-60 hours under different mist levels, made possible by the 3.5 L water tank. Max 300 ml/h mist output make its effective range up to 300 ft², ideal for bedrooms, offices, babies and large room.
【Comfortable and Quiet Night】Ultrasonic humidifiers are incredibly silent, produce less than 40 dB of noise(the operating noise level is even lower than that of turning the page of a book); perfect for your baby and a disturbance-free sleep at night.